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Dianna Santos
Dog Sport University

Let's face it, we are all extremely busy. Between work and our family life, there seems little time left over to rush to a group dog training class. But you are working toward a dog training goal, such as getting your dog to be better behaved on their walks or running a clean run in Agility. You need to train them! This is where Dog Sport University comes in. 

With our online dog training, you combine the high-quality instruction you need with the convenience of fitting it in when you can. That's right, you can train in the comfort of your own home. Go through a course in your pajamas if you like! 

At DSU we do not skimp on the quality of instruction. All of our courses are based off of in-person group dog training courses as well as private one-on-one instruction we have done with prior clients. In other words, you will receive stellar instruction with exceptional convenience. Win-win!

We utilize positive reinforcement and reward-based training techniques in all of our courses. Additionally, we offer modifications to help dogs of varying learning styles, backgrounds and confidence levels can still be successful. 

Especially when it comes to dog sports, not all handlers are interested in earning a blue ribbon. Their goal may for their dog to have the confidence to complete a particular exercise with comfortable confidence. At DSU, we work with handlers to customize their learning experience so they may more readily identify and work toward those goals that are in the best interest of them and their dog. That means flexibility in your learning options, which means better results for you and your dog!

"But does online dog training REALLY work?"

YES! Our instructors have been teaching the very same courses and course topics for years. They know what works, and what doesn't. You will be presented with a general approach, as well as potential modifications that may better suit what you and your dog need. It is all about customizing the curriculum so thtat it works for you. Couple this with utilizing the course forum and asking questions to your instructor and fellow classmates, and you will walk away having a full understanding of the topic and how to implement it with your own dog. In other words, online dog training most definitely works!

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